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A UK boarding school education turns out well-rounded young people, with good qualifications, a breadth of interests, confidence and independence – a true British boarding school education for life. British boarding schools are a popular choice for many UK based and overseas families.


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In a UK Boarding School your child will be motivated and encouraged to have the self-belief that they can succeed, in an environment that offers independence, success, individuality, team work, self-sufficiency, lifetime friendships, confidence and opportunities to experience a wide range of activities.

  • FREE impartial advice on choosing the best boarding school for your child
  • Guidance on ‘what to look for’ when selecting a UK boarding school
  • A personally recommended list of boarding schools appropriate to each child


Boarding School Expertise You Can Count On


The Anderson Education team of Education Consultants will be able to offer you advice and guidance and recommend schools for you to talk to; they understand that choosing a boarding school for your child is a daunting, emotional and financial decision, made even more difficult when you are living 6,000 miles away.


Each child is different and each boarding school is different. With a little help from the experts you can find that perfect place where your child will blossom and grow to his or her full potential.


We all want to provide the best education for our children to ensure that they reach their potential academically, provide the foundation for future success and above all are happy! We look forward to meeting you at the Grosvenor House Hotel, Dubai Marina for the UK Boarding School Exhibition Dubai.


Featured Boarding Schools


Added: 2020-06-03
Set in the beautiful rolling Suffolk countryside, Finborough nurtures the development of a strong character through a culture steeped in the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.
Added: 2023-07-03
Port Regis is a wonderfully vibrant school with a ‘magic mix’ of pupils: local day and UK (60%), military (20%) and international and ex-pat (20%), all creating a distinct blend.
Added: 2020-04-15
The School offers a happy and well-ordered atmosphere in order to ensure the best support for pupils against the pressures they will face and to help them cultivate self-confidence
Added: 2020-04-15
Set in 50 acres of beautiful grounds, Dean Close School is a long- established co-educational boarding and day school for children aged 2-18.
Added: 2022-02-28
Set in tranquil private parkland overlooking the upper reaches of the River Stour, yet within easy reach of London Stansted Airport, Cambridge, Bury St. Edmunds, Colchester, Braintree, and Saffron Walden.
Added: 2020-05-18
Malvern College is one of the Great British public schools, with a heritage steeped in ambition and innovation. Today we are a family of confident and inspiring co-ed boarding schools.