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British boarding education is a popular choice for many Forces families. Finding the right school for your child's individual needs can be difficult.
Although schools appear similar when browsing a website or a prospectus in reality each has a unique quality. This is where we can provide impartial help and guidance. Our team of experienced professionals will help you find and select the best school for your child and support you through the application process and beyond.
If you are considering a boarding education for your child, please complete and return the enquiry form or contact us by email. Providing us with as much information as possible will help us select schools that will meet the individual needs of your child and the family.
"Finding a boarding school is a daunting task, especially, if like us, you've never had any dealings with such establishments before. Having been pointed in the direction of Sue Anderson Consultants - The Education Clinic, the weight of responsibility fell away. Not only did they offer us some very sound advice, but they did so at 9pm on a Friday evening!" - Paul and Sue, Forces parents of two boarders
We look forward to hearing from you soon.
You will also need to contact CEAS to obtain the CEA (Board) application form and establish your entitlement to claim the boarding school allowance.
Children's Education Advisory Service
Trenchard Lines
Upavon, Pewsey
Wilts, SN9 6BE
Telephone: 01980 618244
The Education Clinic UK Schools Directory is available FREE from your local HIVE and SCE schools.

British Forces Education Clinic Tours

Twice each year in April and September, the Education Clinic visits British Forces Germany to meet with families, offering free and impartial help and guidance on the best boarding school for your child.
We are very disappointed that in line with revised CEA regulations we have not been given permission to visit BFG as of September 2014  Please contact us by phone, email or online enquiry form if you are considering a UK boarding school - FREE help and advice to meet your individual needs!

Stability of a UK Boarding School Education

For those who are looking for stability of education a boarding school can be the best option. We listen to parents’ needs and requirements before suggesting a selection of schools for them to consider. When we visit the schools we are looking for what is unique about each school. The Education Clinics help parents with issues such as what type of school to choose what to ask and look for on the school tour, fees, travel arrangements and how to prepare your child. This is an ideal opportunity to talk face-to-face with boarding school specialists; visit the Education Clinic near you.
"The Education Clinic helped me and my daughter make light work of a minefield of schools on offer. Informative guidance and great support made such a difficult decision much easier. My daughter is now settled and happy at her new school. Thank you." - Christine, Forces mum of new boarder
Listen out for pre-tour promotion on BFBS Radio, with daily Tour progress updates and on-the-spot interviews with parents. News items will appear in Sixth Sense newspaper and garrison magazines; posters in HIVEs and NAFFIs will remind families of the Education Clinic Tour dates and venues.
If you are interested in boarding schools, make sure that you come along to talk to us.
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